About the Journal

JEC: Journal of Economic and Community is published by Riauan Consulting and Communication. JEC definitive as journal for research-oriented in Economic and Society as practice and theorities. JEC share knowledge between those who study in economic and society, or professional those who practice it by publishing empirical research. Articles are closely linked to economic policies; institutions and the macroeconomy; consumption; saving and investment; unemployment; formal and informal economy; industrialization; country studies; urban, rural, and regional studies; industrial policy; welfare; and poverty.

All manuscripts submitted for publication to the JEC are initially reviewed by the Editor for appropriate content and style. If approved by the Editor, manuscripts are then reviewed by two anonymous reviewers in a double-blind review process. Reviewers are chosen by the Editor based on their expertise with a submitted manuscript’s topic, methodology, and research focus.

We publish 2 times annually (June and December).